Democracy Sauna 2023

Reede, 8. september 2023 kell 13:00 - 21:00

PROTO avastustehas • Peetri 10, 10415 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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Our annual Democracy Conference is taking place once again!


Democracies have always been in danger. Since the oligarchs of Ancient Athens conspired with the autocrats of Sparta, there have always been those in and outside democracies, working against it. And yet the biggest threat is harder to see, as it happens slowly and with much less ruckus - that threat is stagnation.

The aim of our event is thus to bring together democracy researchers and developers and all other interested partners who share a passion for understanding and enhancing democracy in the Baltic Sea region.

We invite you to get out your towels and whisks because this year we’re getting hot and steamy on a sauna-inspired day filled with meaningful discussions on the future of democracy development in the region. The event will serve as the launching pad for the Regional Coalition which will work to strengthen our democratic institutions for the modern times.


8th of September at the PROTO Invention Factory in Tallinn.

The main event will last from 13:00-19:00 after which we will head to the nearby iglupark for an after-sauna chill. Attendees can (but don’t have to) participate in an authentic sauna experience where we can get to know each other even more.

The Democracy Sauna will take place alongside the international Open Government Partnership Summit, which Tallinn is hosting this year on the 6th-7th of September. (

For more information on the agenda, venue and tickets visit:

PROTO avastustehas • Peetri 10, 10415 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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