BÄM! 6th BDAY presents: Keta Minaj (NL)

Reede 8. juuli kell 21:30 - Laupäev 9. juuli kell 04:00

Бар Света • Telliskivi 62, 10412 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

BÄM! is turning 6 this year!
Time sure flies when we're having so much fun!
To celebrate this stunning occasion, we're bringing on the biggest, baddest and most sickenin' night of drag, performance, music and dancing of the year and to top it off we've got THE life of the party & (robbed) queen of Drag Race Holland - KETA MINAJ aka The Dutchess - flying over to give us all the extravaganzaaa that we deserve!
KETA MINAJ aka The Dutchess was born in 2019 in Amsterdam. The professional make up artist and DJ wanted to spread her wings and so Keta Minaj was born!
It's always a party with Keta. You'll never know how the evening will turn out - but with her infectious energy she will most certainly turn it out every time, in whatever form. She likes nostalgia, theater and a joke here and there. Her looks are inspired by “Power Women Through Time”; Imaginative and daring outfits are on the menu with Keta - preferably with a surprise reveal somewhere in the mix 😉
Of course the gaggery doesn't stop with just Keta!
Joining forces, to give you the best show in town, are our local queer heroes:
Chloé "Pedestrian" Lagucci - mother of BÄM and your host for the night.
MANNA (Live)
Amory "Tingz" Revlon
Nasty Nikita Pedestrian
+ taking care of the party:
DJ Fake Versace

As an exxxtra special addition before the event we are also hosting an exclusive MEET & GREET with Keta Minaj - Limited tickets only! For the truest of fans!

Finally it wouldn't be BÄM! without all of you Bämbies getting dressed up and competing for the title of Best Dressed & the coveted Dildo Swinton prize.
This time the theme will be "My Sweet SIX(teen)" - aka - come dressed as a princess, prince or in-between ready for their childhood DREAM BDAY party with an emo-teen "mom-you-ruined-everything" twist!
*think toddlers & tiaras mixed with mean girls 😉

20:00-21:30 MEET & GREET - Limited tickets!
21:30-00:00 Show Program - Limited tickets!
00:00-04:00 Party - 5 € cash on the door! (Show tickets holders get in for free)
16+ Only for MEET & GREET and Show Program 20:00-00:00

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/2YrOENv7B

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Бар Света • Telliskivi 62, 10412 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Eesti

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