Tilt Workshop: Aree Witoelar (IDN/NOR) - Being a Dream Partner

L 21. september 2019 kell 10:00 - 13:00

Tallinna Rahvaülikooli Teatrikeskus · Vene 6, Tallinn, Eesti

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Be someone everyone wants to play with. We look at how to be an engaging, happy and fun partner. Good improvisers should be able to play with anyone - no matter if they are veterans or beginners, we can always elevate our partner and make them look good. You’ll learn advanced listening and group mind, but most of all, the right attitude to do good improv. Soon enough, everyone will want you to be part of their team.

Level: beginner-intermediate, but especially good for advanced players who miss the joy of playing with newbies.


Aree Witoelar is the founder and artistic director of Impro Neuf International (INI) - Oslo’s first English improv comedy theatre and Norway’s largest improv community with over 500 members. He has been improvising since 2005 and is now with The Improv Speakeasy. He has performed in international festivals (Copenhagen, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Toronto) and in a dark alley, an underground bunker, and a Christmas Glühwein stand. Aree loves that there are many ways to do improv and believes that you have your own special blend. His improvisational style is a synthesis from masters of a variety of schools: Jay Sukow & Andel Sudik (Second City), Will Hines (UCB), Jason Shotts & Craig Cackowski (iO West), Katy Schutte (Maydays), Rafe Chase & Tim Orr (BATS) and TJ Mannix (Magnet). His teaching philosophy is to help players find improv that brings joy and make bold choices within that style (see areewitoelar.com/testimonials). Aree runs an improv blog On Cloud Nine, inspired by what he observes in the Norwegian improv scene.


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E-post: tilt@improfestival.ee


Tallinna Rahvaülikooli Teatrikeskus · Vene 6, Tallinn, Eesti

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