Ellerhein and Hortus Musicus / EMP 2019 & World Music Days

Thu 9. May 2019 at 19:00

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Glass Hall · Narva mnt 95, Tallinn, Estonia

The Bird That Was Trapped Has Flown
Thu, 9 May at 7 pm
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Glass Hall (Narva mnt 95)
Ellerhein, Hortus Musicus, conductor Ingrid Kõrvits
PROGRAMME: René Eespere*, Liisa Hõbepappel, Lauri Jõeleht*, Tõnis Kaumann, Vanessa Lann, Alice Ping Yee Ho
In collaboration with Eesti Kontsert
Ticket 20/15

Girls’ choir Ellerhein
Conductor Ingrid Kõrvits

Early music ensemble Hortus Musicus
Artistic director Andres Mustonen


René Eespere (b. 1953, Estonia)
New work for Ellerhein (2019, premiere)

Lauri Jõeleht (b. 1974, Estonia)
New work for Hortus Musicus (2019, premiere)

Alice Ping Yee Ho (b. 1960, Hong Kong)
“Begin” for girls’ choir

Vanessa Lann (b. 1968, the Netherlands)
“The Bird That Was Trapped Has Flown” for solo soprano, female vocal ensemble, nyckelharpa and kokle (2016)

Liisa Hõbepappel (b. 1994, Estonia)
“Leviatan. Päike laskus läbi taevaruumi” koorile

René Eespere (b. 1953, Estonia)
“Sententiae veteres” / “Ancient Aphorisms” for tenor, two baritones and early music ensemble (2011)

Tõnis Kaumann (b. 1972, Estonia)
“Credo” for three vocal soloists and early music ensemble (2018)

Tallinn Children’s Choir, the predecessor of Ellerhein Girls’ Choir, was created in 1951. Since 1970, the choir was renamed Ellerhein in 1969, on the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Song Festivals. Apart from giving concerts, all singers receive training in vocal, solfeggio, and harmony classes. The choir uses the relative Kodaly system when learning new repertoire. From 2012 the conductor is Ingrid Kõrvits. The choir’s repertoire consists of both classical and contemporary choral music by outstanding composers from all over the world. In 2004 the choir was given a Grammy award for best choir music performance for their album “Jean Sibelius: Cantatas”. They have received numerous awards, including three Grand Prix prizes at Kathaumixw 2008 in Canada, Tallinn 2009 in Estonia and Seghizzi 2014 in Italy.

Early music consort Hortus Musicus was founded by its artistic director and conductor Andres Mustonen in 1972. Hortus Musicus is the oldest continuously working ensemble in its field in Eastern Europe and one of the few of such longevity in the world. Hortus Musicus’ repertoire includes music from the 8th–20th century. Many contemporary composers have written pieces for the ensemble, such as Alexander Knaifel, Arvo Pärt, Galina Grigorjeva, Lepo Sumera and others. Hortus Musicus has recorded more than 30 CDs for Warner Classics, Melodiya, Forte, Antes and others.

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Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Glass Hall · Narva mnt 95, Tallinn, Estonia