e-Governance Conference

Tue 18. May at 10:00 - Thu 20. May 2021 at 18:00

Online and Onsite (Swissotel Tallinn)

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most significant “advocate” for digital transformation, forcing governments to develop online services and raise citizens’ digital awareness. The intervention of information technologies into our daily lives has raised questions on legitimacy, trust and privacy related to data collection, storage and exchange. Take a closer look at the lessons learnt from the new normality and future developments in our hybrid conference!

The e-Governance Conference 2021 provides you with digital content, live discussions, and on-the-spot networking possibilities. Join us!

Are digital strategies and cornerstones for digital transformation outdated? How to keep up with the rapid change? What is the underlying legal framework?
How to establish necessary telecommunication capabilities?
Has the financing model for digital infrastructure projects changed?
What are the good examples of combining public and private sector forces?
Have we compromised on data protection principles, when protecting health care systems and the citizens’ health?

Insights on:
online services re-design;
trust-building for using, storing and re-using personal data online;
the underlying legal framework of developments;
cloud adoption in the government’s digital transformation plans and strategies;
the increasing role of cybersecurity;
citizen engagement with governments via social listening and other methods.
A more detailed agenda, information on the keynote speakers, experts involved in the panel discussions and background materials will be published soon on the conference’s website.

Expo hall:
The conference will also include a virtual EXPO, where companies and organisations have a presentation space and where they can have interactive discussions with conference attendees to generate leads.

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