DocPoint Tallinn 2020 (5+1 package)

Wed 29. January - Sun 2. February 2020

Festival ticket office is opened one hour before the the first screening.

Cinema Artis (Solaris center) and Cinema Sõprus (Vana-Posti 8) · Tallinn, Estonia

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The twenties of the new century have begun and DocPoint Tallinn will reach the cinema lovers of Estonia for the 11th time. Documentary is in better shape than ever- true-to-life film has never been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language category, but this year the door has been opened by the adorable film "Honeyland". True-to-life film is also a full-fledged part of the streaming hit, and Netflix stands behind three nominations for the golden statue. The dramatic and extraordinarily emotional film "For Sama" that has been nominated for both Oscar and BAFTA and won several dozen awards at festivals, is also one of this year's DocPoint gems.

The boundaries between film types are blurring in the best sense of the word, and the documentary looks equally at the fiction of experimentation. This year's DocPoint program also includes bold form tests that take a playful approach to genre boundaries. The best example of this is the warmly welcomed and critically acclaimed documentary played out in a live performance "Lighter Than Woman" by Kristina Norman. Polish visual artist Jaśmina Wójciki, however, interweaves choreography and composition into a playfully technocratic opium in the film "Symphony of the Urse Factory" and short film "Turtle and Rabbit".

NB: Unless otherwise noted, movies are in the original language and have English subtitles.

The organizers have the right to make changes to the plan.

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Cinema Artis (Solaris center) and Cinema Sõprus (Vana-Posti 8) • Tallinn, Estonia

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