🌠Disney Inspired Messy Play✨

Saturday 6. April at 10:30 - 11:30

Mustamäe Cultural Center Kaja 4th floor room 3 • E. Vilde tee 118, Estonia

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🌠Disney Inspired Messy Play✨

On this exciting adventure, the kids can learn and play at the same time!

The messy play will be designed for 6-month-olds to 6-year-olds tho we recommend more from 1yo, as we will be offering a nice variety of activities to sparkle their curiosity and keep those curious little hands active! We use taste safe and edible materials, but ofc we have some dry bases like dried rice that needs constant👀 for those mouthing babies! (let them explore but guide to not swallow as even tho edible is not to be eaten a lot). Everything is carefully design to incentivise the movements needed for the future to write and coordination, so we will have all needed tools to train those, and it is part of the parent to incentivise and monitor their usages on each station. It is a moment to be enjoyed between you and your kid!

We will have a mix of dry and wet sensory materials and experiences, all set up according to theme, to create the perfect invitation to play. We have a sink with warm water to wash their hands but:
🚨ALWAYS bring extra COMFY cloths and socks for BOTH adults and kid🚨.


🧪 Elemental's Lab: Inspired of this new film, we will have a foam lab with fun jars to explore and instigate the creativity.

💎 Alladin's Hidden treasures: Our cloud dough is always fluffy and nice to be played with, specially with some treasure hunt and diamonds involved.

🧊Frozen's Realm: OK, even if your kid hasn't seen any Disney movie yet like ours, they still know the song! This station will be to scoop and pour with dried painted rice, a fun castle to remember the film will be also present.

💇Tangled's Braids: Nice coordination tray with cooked spaghetti as Rapunzel's braids to be cut with safe scissors.

🐠 Moana's pool: We cannot make an ocean but as Moana loves water, here we will have some exploration tactile shells, mermaids, and common sea objects to be explored.

🐸 Tiana's frog pond: tapioca pearls and frogs to be explored by curious brave hands.

🦋 Encanto's Garden Play dough: Our homemade edible cocoa play dough will be inspired in Encanto's movie as a fun garden.

🎨 Painting canvas: always a hit.

Sensory Tent: with a projector and books, sensory bottles and toys.

We always add some surprises and extra activities in the sessions, so come and check!

✨ The rain of bubbles indicates the session is coming to an end, so you have more 10 minutes to prepare your kid to say bye bye in a calm and cheerful way.✨

We don't charge for more than one parent since we love to see how the kids usually enjoy even more the session when both parents come together, in case you are a couple!

If you came too late and all spots are taken, reach out to me through DM on our Instagram page, and we can see if the waiting list is still an option.


We call it messy play, so please dress your kid AND yourself properly (comfy as we sit on the floor) and with clothes you won't be upset to get dirty. In this session is mandatory to bring full set of extra changing cloth and some spare socks for both of you in case needed! We offer wet wipes and a towel and if it gets too messy we have a sink, but the main objective is bonding and allowing your kid to explore and have fun and the after mess is on us!

It is a child-led space, meaning that you simply need to follow your children cues and interests throughout the session, allowing them to explore freely. We recommend sitting on the floor at each play station with your child to support their confidence and also because it will be fun even to you. We will always be close too, but please watch your kid to avoid putting objects into the mouth (everything is sized appropriately and the used bases and play dough are all edible, we use food colouring but still we don't give an incentive to eat them!).
Please avoid mixing the objects from one station to other to not ruin other kids experience before they can see the other trays! We count on you to help us with it.

It is a shoe free zone, so please pop your shoes off as you come into the space. Right in front of entering the room, you can find a place to leave your coat and shoes, the backpacks can be inside with you.

If your kid needs a quick break for a snack, we suggest giving it before session but if needed, please give it outside the room as some kids are allergic and also because they can get dispersed if they see a bottle or new snacks in the room or even may want whatever you are giving, and probably you won't have a spare one. IMPORTANT: Please wash your kid's hands after the snacks, some attendees have serious allergic reactions to everything with milk protein, and it can contaminate all the bases to this kid, we count on you, so everybody can play!

Photographs are permitted and we love! But please be mindful to protect the identity of other children if you do not have consent and cover their faces if you intend to post on your social media. If you have great pics and want to share with us, it will be much appreciated and we love when you guys tag us on social media! (all hands on pictures are posted and if you want to share an amazing picture we can cover the face if you prefer like that). If you love our sessions feel free to leave us a feedback on google it is always nice to know your opinion, any feedback is also very welcomed, we do all with love to our families to yours have fun.

✨ Both parents are welcome to attend the session!

At the end of all, we will also have some products to sell (first aid travel size kits, liquid band-aid, mess free colouring books, adhesive books, and sometimes personalize play doughs). Feel free to bring changed cash or deposit later on our account if you wish to purchase one of them. We leave the QR code in there along with the prices.
We will have few units of our homemade Play-Doh kits for 12,50, please reserve yours through DM. (+3 age). We usually advertise during the week the theme available.


Full payment is required at the time of booking. Once payment has been made, your place in the session is secure, and you will receive a booking confirmation email (please check junk mail just in case).

If you wish to cancel your place before the playgroup starts, you must give at least 48 hours notice before the start date so we can offer your spot to kids of the waiting list. If your kid got sick on Friday night, (we know it happens), just dm us as soon as you can!

Ensure you contact Lia at [email protected] to inform her of your cancellation, and as we know kids get sick from one day to the other, we can agree on offering you any of the next sessions free of charge, or you can offer your spot to other friend.

Please let us know if your child has some sort of allergy one week in advance.

🤒If your child is sick, we kindly ask you to have social consciousness and don't take to play as all hands are involved into messy playing and all the other kids can get sick too, so in case we notice your kid is sick we reserve the right to ask you to come and play another day. Any contagious diseases are allowed, such as flu, herpes, chickenpox and so on. We will have plenty of other ones and the themes will be recycled from time to time. We appreciate your understanding of it to keep a healthy and fun environment for all🥰

Mustamäe Cultural Center Kaja 4th floor room 3 • E. Vilde tee 118, Estonia

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