Digital is Physical – Toward Sustainable Digitalisation

Öpik Conference Centre · Valukoja 8, 11415 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia


WHAT`S UP? Digital services may seem on the surface free from the usual sustainability issues associated with physical products and the manufacturing process. However, digitalization is often a powerful enabler that drives huge increases in consumption, energy use and pollution. How can we better understand the impact of our digital services and identify where changes can be made to improve the overall system sustainability.

In this Good Growth workshop we will cover Value Chain Mapping and Impact and Influence exercises as a experiential dip into the methodology and tools of Gofore’s new business model for sustainable digitalisation.

✓ What is Good Growth?
✓ How can Good Growth help when designing and developing digital services?
✓ Understand the wider service ecosystem across the lifecycle of a digital service
✓ Map out the entire value chain and identify key stakeholders
✓ Discuss sustainability of value chain elements and identify where most negative impact occurs
✓ Prioritise areas for re-design and development
✓ Ideate concepts for re-design and change initiatives

Company leaders and owners, business value chain stakeholders, service or product owners/leads, designers and developers.

WHO? The workshop will be held by sustainable digitalisation expert Anton Schubert, Design Director, Good Growth and Tuuli
Pärenson, CEO Gofore, Estonia.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Participating fee for the workshop is 180 euros + VAT.

WHERE?  Our cooperation partner Helmes welcome us at Öpiku Conference Centre, room Universum+Galaktika. The address is Valukoja 8, II korrus.

The workshop is organised following all the COVID-19 safety requirements and recommendations set by the local authorities at the time of the workshop. Should the situation require the workshop to be performed online version, organisers will issue a partial refund of registration and participation costs.

The workshop is a part of the Design Thinking Conference 2021 Scandi Special program and is co-designed by Design Minds, Miltton, Nortal, Proekspert and is supported by Estonian Design Center.

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Öpik Conference Centre • Valukoja 8, 11415 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

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