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Wed 26. August at 09:00 - Thu 29. October 2020 at 18:00


DevOps Training will help you master DevOps and build your skills with DevOps tools that matter - Docker, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, Nagios, and more. Instructors are experts at teaching both the essentials and finer points of DevOps life cycle.

Learning Outcomes of DevOps Training?
The DevOps course content covers the introduction to DevOps, Continuous Integration, understanding of various categories of DevOps tools like configuration management, Source code management, and monitoring tools. It also covers essential tools like Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, etc.
This DevOps training covers the basics of DevOps, Principle, and benefits, DevOps SDLC, Objectives, DevOps On Cloud, DevOps Frameworks.

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Key Features:
1. Flexible Timings
2. Certified & Industry Experts Trainers
3. Multiple Training Delivery Models
4. Customize Course
5. 24/7 Support
6. Hands-On Experience
7. Real-Time Use Cases
8. Q&A with Trainers
9. Small Batches (1to5)
10. Flexible Payments
11. Job Support
12. Placement Assistance.

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