Dervish in Progress (DIP) Workshop

Fri 13. November - Sun 15. November 2020

The Studio · Thorvald Meyers gate 7, 0555 Oslo, Norway

This workshop suggests a space for participants to challenge their limits through whirling. Whirling is not the main objective. Using body economy and awareness, participants will be led to perceive and accept what is befalling throughout whirling and reach their goal movement within their own genre.

Whirling, seen in Sufi traditions, is done to reach high states of ecstasy and trance. Ziya, through personal research of altering intensities of speed and tension, has transformed this classical Sufi dance into spectacular form (; a personal ritual that does not rely on a preexisting belief system. Being in ecstasy coupled with physical awareness causes realisations of the deeper-self.

The workshop will include:

Warm-up: Stretching & breathing to enhance concentration preparing the body and mind to gain strength to push mental & physical limits.

Awareness: Floorwork, body part & upside down exercises, basic acrobatics & improv in various levels. The aim is to strengthen the awareness of senses & systems in preparation for meeting the unknown arrangements to be encountered while whirling.

Whirling: Further development of physical, emotional, and mental awareness are to be obtained. Whirling starts at the vertical level. Later, repetitive movements are to be experienced at both the vertical & horizontal levels. This step helps the participants to feel & record the conditions of their perception of space & body; thus improving awareness. This is where participants in various aspects confront conditions that are not usual or accustomed. By accepting the unknown, the knowledge concerning awareness & ability for the thrift of bodily energy will expand.

Anyone who is willing can attend this workshop, at any age and with any professional background, including professional dancers choreographers, as well as people with no prior dance experience. The instructor will be paying individual attention to each person, considering his/her limits, knowledge, and interest. Couples are welcome!

We recommend comfortable flexible clothing, a towel, socks, and maybe even a pillow!

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Instructor: Ziya Azazi
Ziya Azazi has given workshops in over 20 countries, as well as at the International Choreographic Training Programme entitled "Choreographic Collision" within the framework of Venice Dance Biennale and to the students of the Modern Dance Department of Mimar Sinan University. He also gave lectures to the postgraduate students of the Performance Making Programme at Goldsmith University (London), in Dvoreca (Balchik), and at Culture University Istanbul.

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The Studio · Thorvald Meyers gate 7, 0555 Oslo, Norway

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