Electro funk techno m/ Jimmy Diamond

Sat 1. August at 21:00 - Sun 2. August 2020 at 02:00

Ostara Bar · Kirkegata 20, Norway

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We are creating a COVID-19 friendly dance scene where you can keep your 1 meter distance and still get your sweat on. Jimmy Diamond will make sure you will forget all your worries with his mix of electro funk and techno.

QUICK MUSIC HISTORY to understand the difference between electro and techno:
Techno is a form of electronic dance music that was developed in Detroit, during the 1970s. The initial take on techno arose from the melding of various African American styles such as Chicago house, funk, electro, and electric jazz with Eurocentric synthesizer-based music. Techno, similar to disco, was dance music with a very fast “four-on-the-floor” tempo.

The earlier form of Electro Funk developed sometime in the 1970's in most likely New York. It is a late version of funk music making heavy use of synthesizers and effects. It honestly has more directly in common with hip hop than dance music, but is probably the earliest form of North American synthesizer music and is a "father" of both dance and hip hop as we know them now. In contrast that with Technos 4/4 beat - Electro instead it has a breakbeat or a broken beat, which is inconsistent sounding.

(African-American influences are so fundamental to American music that there would be no American music without them. Their work songs, dance tunes, and religious music—and the syncopated, swung, remixed, rocked, and rapped music of their descendants—would become the lingua franca of American music, eventually influencing all racial and ethnic backgrounds across border. #BLACKLIVESMATTER)

We will be selling tickets to this event to have better control and to keep a safe amount of people in our venue. We have reduced the amount of people allowed in our venue to only 30 and to be able to keep this business running and pay the dj the tickets are a 150,-. THANK YOU FOR YOU UNDERSTANDING AND YOUR SUPPORT TO YOUR LOCAL BAR AND DJS!


OBS! We can not guarantee entrance after midnight even if you have a ticket. We advise to come early, dj starts playing at 22!

We will save a few tickets at the door for early arrivers.

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Ostara Bar

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Ostara Bar · Kirkegata 20, Norway

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