Shahak Shapira - CROWDSOURCED - 100% improvised Comedy | BARCELONA | ENGLISH 🇺🇸

Wednesday 17. April at 20:30 - 21:30

Almeria Teatre • Carrer de Sant Lluís 64, 08024 Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

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Usually, stand up comedy is carefully crafted bits, tested and re-written to perfection over months, sometimes even years, but what if you just wing it? I'm Shahak Shapira, a stand up comedian, and for a whole hour, I'll stand on stage with no written material whatsoever and try to create comedy on the spot simply by interacting with my audience. What could go wrong? Literally everything.


During the show, I'll pull questions you've written down before the show out of a hat and solve your problems, because I'm really confident about giving advice about literally anything.

🇺🇸 English Wed, Apr 17. 7.45 8.30

Golem's / Almeria Teatre in the heart of Catalonia!

Unbelievable 16€. It's like you're losing money if you're NOT getting them! 629€ at the door!

Hey, I'm Shahak Shapira, an Israeli comedian in Germany, which is, already, just wrong on so many levels. My comedy show on German TV got canceled so fast, most people didn’t even know I had one. I recorded a stand up special for Comedy Central, which would have been awesome, but it was Comedy Central Germany, so yeah, not great. My TED-Talk about how to go viral has about 30,000 views which is as sad as it is ironic. And as if all of that is not tragic enough - I'm also a DJ.

Usually, tickets for shows and concerts are non-refundable, but I'm cool, so you can get a full refund up to 7 days before the show - just click the "View and manage your order" link at the bottom of your ticket email! Please understand that I can't offer any refund after that, it takes a bit of financial security to be able to do these shows.

Almeria Teatre • Carrer de Sant Lluís 64, 08024 Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Google Map of Carrer de Sant Lluís 64, 08024 Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Shahak Shapira