CIOR Sponsorship programme

Sunday 1. January 2023 - Thursday 31. December 2037


The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers is encouraging capable donors to provide for scholarships to the participants of our activities.

CIOR is supporting the training of reserve leaders, and collecting and sharing best practices, especially developing skillsets.

You can suport the participation of:
1. Specific individual
2. A country
3. An activity
4. CIOR in general

CIOR orginizes 8 activities:
1. CIOR Language Academy (CLA)
2. Young Reserve Officers Seminar (YROS)
3. Young Reserve Officers Workshop (YROW)
4. Military Competition (MILCOMP)
5. Civil-Military Cooperation Exercise (CIMEX)
6. International Cyber Event (ICE)
7. CIOR Seminar
8. CIOR Symposium

Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers