Cheat Chat Comedy in English • Amsterdam • Live Podcast Recording

Huis van Iemand Anders • Van Woustraat 2, 1073 LL Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Join us for a Live Recording of "Cheat Chat Comedy" – Hilarious Stories of Cheating from Around the World! Luana Matei and her comedian friends from around the world share their stories of cheating, and hear directly from YOU about your cheating experiences.

Ever wondered what really goes on behind closed doors? Get ready to laugh, gasp, and maybe even blush while we dive into the most outrageous, jaw-dropping, and downright hilarious cheating stories from around the world.

From clandestine rendezvous in Paris to secret trysts in Tokyo, we bring you tales of infidelity that are as diverse as they are entertaining. Our comedians will guide you through these scandalous escapades with wit and humor, offering comedic insights and perhaps a few lessons learned.

Expect a night of laughter, surprises, and stories that prove truth is stranger—and funnier—than fiction. Whether you’re here for the comedy, the drama, or just a good time, we promise you an unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the audience for this one-of-a-kind live podcast event. Grab your tickets now and get ready for a night of scandalous fun!

🎭 Cheat Chat Comedy in English • Amsterdam • Live Podcast Recording 🎭
📍 Huis van Iemand Anders, Amsterdam
🎟️ online tickets 7.50 euro / tickets at the door 10 euro

--Who is Luana? IG: @luanacomedy---
Luana Matei (RO), originally from Romania, she lived in Tokyo for 12 years before getting trapped in Amsterdam during the lockdown.

In 2022/23 she began extensively touring Europe & Asia, having performed in 51 cities across 29 countries, with over 250 packed shows (150+ sold out) entertaining more than 20,000 people. Her comedy is dark, insightful, and deftly encapsulating her experiences living and traveling around the world! She takes vulnerability to another level, pushing the boundaries of "How soon is too soon?"

REVIEWS from past audiences:
"Luana is your friend who always has a story to tell, except her stories are always funny. She did a particular set for the audience on the day that I saw her, mixing up her material. It worked!

Her humour resonates with me and it will resonate with you too: yes, you can laugh about communism and infidelity and bad sex and parents (oh, parents!) and ninjas and sleeping your way around the world. Her humour is messy and dark, because, well, life is messy and dark. Yes, it is her story that she tells, but it is very much your story too.

I smiled all through the show and laughed with my own husband and my friends (I thought appropriate to bring to the show not only my husband but also my best friends, whose wedding I celebrated ;) I’d go again to her shows when she comes to my city!" Gaia

"Invited my partner on our anniversary and it was great! Think of Luana as the Mouth Of Truth and be prepared to hear some truths and laugh at all of them! I have never been asked so openly when was the last time I had sex, or if we cheated on each other (ps yes we did but we fixed it). Anyone in need of a sex talk, give it a try;)" Monika Rimini

"Went to see this today and and had such a laugh! The show felt personal, like a catch up with a good mate! I am a lover of dark humour and perfectly timed jokes and this had it! Had a brilliant time and I’d defo recommend!" Kelsey Christie-Whelan

"Saw this show as a last minute decision. Didn't stop laughing! The performer really knows how to captivate their audience and is a great storyteller. " Amber Leadbetter

Huis van Iemand Anders • Van Woustraat 2, 1073 LL Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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