Bootcamp: Motivation with Stephen Kelner

Sat 10. April 2021 at 15:00 - 18:00

Online via ZOOM

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Join Writers Who Talk for a new and exiting online workshop on motivation, delivered by Boston based psychologist and writer, Stephen Kelner.

This workshop is about how to motivate creative effort, particularly (but not limited to) writing. It is based on the research done over twenty-five years with a host of successful artists on their implicit motives and their creative process.

Implicit motives are the nonconscious emotional drives that energize, select, drive, and direct patterns of behavior over time. They are your sources of emotional energy, and thus have a large impact on what you do. However, because they are not conscious, motives can act both to promote and to derail productivity.

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the nature of implicit motives in creators, to help you identify your own motivation, and to discuss methods for taking best advantage of the motives you already have, and the creative styles you prefer. We can also discuss different myths associated with creativity, and how to use motives as a tool for creating compelling characters.

There is no one way to be a creator, and my own research backs this up, so we will discuss what helps you work best. As Kipling wrote: “There are nine and sixty ways/of constructing tribal lays/and every single one of them is right!”


Steve Kelner is a motivational psychologist, assessor and developer of people, and a writer - not necessarily in that order. After seven years of research studying published writers, inspired by his wife, award-winning mystery writer and bestselling editor Toni L. P. Kelner (AKA Leigh Perry), he published the first edition of the book Motivate Your Writing!, which collected formal psychological research (as well as his own) into writing, creativity, goal-setting, and related issues into a practical work aimed at people who wish to increase their artistic productivity. In the 15 years since publishing the book, he has appeared at numerous conferences, coached and developed writers’ groups, and worked with individual writers and artists in other fields, and as a consequence updated the book and put it out this year in its second edition in ebook form, having done extensive editing and providing additional content based on the input and findings of other artists (including his two children, an animator and a musician). The new edition is available in various formats here:

Kelner has himself published numerous nonfiction articles on leadership, competencies, assessment, development, and motivation, as well as short mystery fiction. He is working on a proposal called Climbing Everest, on how to evaluate top executive leadership and develop oneself to get there, based on his 30+ years as a practitioner and authority in leadership.

He is currently President of Ascent Leadership Networks, LLC, which develops leaders and organizations in ways that matter (

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