Review sales ended! BIOTOOPIA'23 - Art, Science and Biosphere Hybrid Conference in the Tallinn Botanic Garden/Online & Loopealse Wasteland

Thursday 11. May - Wednesday 4. October 2023 EEST

UTC +3

Tallinn Botanic Garden • Kloostrimetsa tee 52, 11913 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia


Online ticket sales has ended.

Online review! On 11-13 May 2023 the international hybrid conference BIOTOOPIA will take place in the Tallinn Botanic Garden and Loopealse Wasteland in Estonia's capital city. The conference's theme this year is UNDERGROUND NETWORKS.

At Biotoopia, a diverse group of creatives, natural scientists, philosophers, posthumanists, educators, and nature lovers will come together. You are welcome to join us!

Tallinn Botanic Garden conference tickets at regular rates are no longer available. But a number of online review tickets are still available.

We have a new update since 2.05. Please be aware that due to the high interest of our programme our partner, the Estonian news site Postimees has provided us a chance to spread awareness more widely by offering a live stream of our online conference. On Postimees site you may not actively participate, download materials, and you couldn’t go back and rewatch it. If you purchased a ticket to Biotoopia online platform and believe the only view option on Postimees site is also for you and would prefer a refund, please contact us. We would be really grateful, nevertheless, if you could still contribute to the technical development of our hybrid platform. As a citizen-based organisation, we rely heavily on grants and ticket sales and of course our great partners who offer these kind of possibilities for reaching people with all income levels.

International researchers and artists who have been invited to the Biotoopia will begin to assemble underground networks during the first two days of the conference held at the Tallinn Botanic Garden. The lectures and discussion panels will include participation from the audience. The last day of the conference will feature a themed art and music event. Additionally, visitors can participate in specially curated nature excursions and workshops. The artist and visionary Peeter Laurits is the conference's curator, and Vaim Sarv and Anette Pärn are in charge of the art and music day.

The programme is in English and the 2 first days of the programme in Tallinn Botanic Garden will also be accessible via Biotoopia online conference platform. The instructions on how to enter the online platform will be added on to the ticket. On the art and music event, which will take place on the final day of the conference at the Loopealse Wasteland area, we also will experience Tallinn's natural beauty. You will be informed of the precise location shortly before the event via the ticket you received.

Meals are not included with the ticket. You can purchase meals in the Tallinn Botanic Garden's outdoor area, but you are also welcome to bring your own food and drink to any Biotoopia'23 events.

Biotoopia is searching for fresh forms of cooperation between the arts, sciences and biosphere, to prepare the ground for the germination of new thought patterns in order to save and restore biodiversity. Biotoopia distributes the beneficial impact of natural communities and influences attitudes and behaviors in order to create a future full of life for all of us.

We have opened the Library section on our webpage where you may find the presentations of previous Biotoopia events.

The Biotoopia`23 speakers will soon be announced on our home page

Many thanks to Biotoopia`23 supporters: Tallinn – European Green Capital 2023, Tallinn Botanic Garden, Medivar, Kuuldeaparaadid, Liivalill, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Republic of Estonia Ministry of Culture, Civil Society Foundation, Tallinn City, Republic of Estonia Ministry of Environment.

When buying a ticket for participating at Tallinn Botanic Garden please be aware that all Covid-19 related restrictions or regulations ruled by the government now or in the future will be implemented. No refund for tickets unless the physical event will be canceled by the organiser. The organiser has rights to make changes in the programme.

  • We borrowed the name from the 1995 exhibition curated by Sirje Helme, Eha Komissarov and Ando Keskküla, the thematic developments of which we will continue.

Tallinn Botanic Garden • Kloostrimetsa tee 52, 11913 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

Google Map of Kloostrimetsa tee 52, 11913 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

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