Tuesday 5. March at 02:00 - 03:00

Laivanvarustajankatu 5, 00140 Helsinki

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BFCK takes place over 72 hours on 2-5 March and consists of 72 performances, one performance every hour.
Performances 3.3 at 11 am to 9 pm, 4.3 at 9 pm to 5.3 at 5 am and 5.3 at 8 am to 2 pm will be played in English.

BFCK is a shop, a brand, and a performance. Carl Knif (Carl Knif Company), Sonja Ahlfors & Joanna Wingren (Blaue Frau) open an exclusive shop where they sell the luxury brand BFCK. For 72 hours Ahlfors, Wingren & Knif sleep, eat, and exist in their luxury shop. The audience can visit the store several times during March 2-5, 2024. Each visit provides a new insight into the BFCK brand and how shop assistants Ahlfors, Wingren and Knif deal with the increasingly stressful situation. How will they deal with the pressure to sell, the lack of sleep, and the increasingly dilapidated store?

There are grants or tax breaks for most actors in all sectors, and art is no exception. In BFCK, we want to take the issue of the neoliberal social order to the extreme and create art, entirely on the terms of capitalism and the market economy. We want to examine what happens to art and culture if everything has a price, who is willing to pay and how much? What happens when supply and demand do not meet?
If your existence as an artist, theatre group or dance company is threatened, how far are you willing to go and how much compromise are you willing to make in order to continue realizing your art?

BFCK is the second part in Blaue Frau and Carl Knif's series of hybrid performances. Part one, RAVE, premiered in 2016. The common denominator of the two works is exploring the relationship between performer and spectator and asking questions about today's society and today's people, through an artistically challenging, performative work. In RAVE we moved in slow motion for 72 hours in an enclosed space. In BFCK we open a shop in the center of Helsinki and sell our branded reality for 72 hours.


Prices to see a performance:

Regular price 20 €
Students / pensioners / unemployed 15 €.
Discounted tickets €10

Price to see multiple performances:

This price category entitles you to see as many performances of the BFCK as you would like from 2-5.3.2024. Please note that you still need to book a ticket/tickets for the performances you want to see.
Normal price 35 €
Students / pensioners / unemployed 25 €.
Discounted tickets €15

DURATION: 72 h. Every single performance is 1 h.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: All participants must be at least 18 years old

Concept & choreography: Carl Knif
Dramaturgy & text: Sonja Ahlfors, Carl Knif, Joanna Wingren
Performers: Sonja Ahlfors, Carl Knif, Joanna Wingren
Scenography: Johan Isaksson
Costume: Jere Vilo
Sound: Iida Hägglund
Makeup & hair: Nina Vuori
Lighting: Elli Kujansuu
Graphic design: Johan Isaksson
Press photo: Liina Aalto-Setälä
Production assistant: Emma Reijonen
Digital marketing: Lindebarn / Marco Lindholm
Proofreading (Eng): Gabrielle Vaara
Production: Blaue Frau

Blaue Frau