Between Dreams and Drowning

Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava · Telliskivi 60a/9, Estonia

“Between Dreams and Drowning” digs into the sometimes disastrous aftermath of loving, falling in love, and being loved. This piece is a search for the raw essence of these winged and often abstract principles. Two performers will repeatedly face their fears and push through boundaries until there’s no other option for them than to drown: all for the sake of love. “Between Dreams and Drowning” is a collaboration performance between Paide Teater and Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava.

Authors: Lore Borremans, Ursel Tilk
On stage: Lore Borremans (Belgia), Ursel Tilk (Paide Teater)
Dramaturg: Maike Lond Malmborg
Light Designer: Karolin Tamm
Sound Designer: Kenn-Eerik Kannike
Producers: Harri Ausmaa (Paide Teater), Triinu Aron (STL)
Premiere: 20.11 kell 19.00 Paide Muusika- ja Teatrimajas
Duration: 100’

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Sõltumatu Tantsu Ühendus MTÜ



Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava · Telliskivi 60a/9, Estonia

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