BCWW: Clown Improvisation Workout (15. dec)

Sat 15. December 2018 at 13:00 - 15:30

Entrance to workshop opens 15min before start. Before this time is not possible.

Heldeke! · Tööstuse 13, Tallinn, Estonia

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Participation: 35 €
Duration: 2.5 h
Language: English
Instructor: Caspar Schjelbred (www.improsupreme.com)

IMPRO SUPREME is acting infused with clown and mime – theatre based on individual creativity and physical expression.

In this workshop, we'll focus on pure clown improvisation, which is a different way of playing than what we are used to in conventional theatre and comedy (improvised or not). It's simpler, more direct and more free; and most importantly: there's no need to invent any fiction, no need to come up with stuff to make the improvisation "work" – simply use what’s already there, what you’re already doing.

Body, movement, feeling, attitude, and gesture are the main things that we will play with.

• using the body as a creative tool
• seeing and feeling what's going on (outside/inside)
• relating directly to the audience and to stage partners
• particular focus on entrances, exits, walks
• solo & duo improvisations (structured & free-form)

The workshop is based on the Seidenstein Method and follows the logic of The Four Articulations workshop template
The work is suitable for all types of performers: actors, clowns, comedians, mimes, dancers.

Born in Denmark (1979), raised in Sweden, Parisian since 1999. Specialised in physical theatre (clown/mime) and improvisation. Solo performer with PLAN C since 2012 (Paris, Brussels, Montreal, Sofia, Gothenburg and Australia/NZ tour). Created the physical comedy show AVANT-GARDE together with HaHaHa Impro Theatre (Sofia, Bulgaria) in 2018. Member of the improvisational theatre company The Improfessionals since 2001 (artistic director 2008-2014). Teaches regularly at Impro Academy in Paris since 2006 and freelancers across the world with IMPRO SUPREME since 2010: North America (New York, Montreal), Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Sofia), Asia (Singapore), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra). Student and main associate of Ira Seidenstein (International School for Acting And Creativity - ISAAC).

The Seidenstein Method is the result of Ira Seidenstein’s vast and varied international career in the performing arts since the late 1970s as clown, actor, acrobat, director and teacher; from original solo performances to engagements with well established players in the field such as Cirque de Soleil, Slava Polunin and the Bell Shakespeare company.

The Four Articulations workshop template was formulated by Ira Seidenstein in 2009; it encapsulates the essence of his experience and knowledge in a simple and efficient training method for acting and creativity that since has been adopted by a small but growing number of theatre-makers and performing artists across the world

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Heldeke! · Tööstuse 13, Tallinn, Estonia

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