Auditory Reset: Anne Gillot (Berio, Tsoupaki, Jazylbekova)

Tuesday 9. May 2023 at 18:00 - 18:30

The Playground, A Lab • Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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Auditory Reset is a new initiative of an ongoing concert programme line, taking place at A Lab in Amsterdam Noord. Every second Tuesday of the month, from 18:00 till 18:30, we are presenting radiating musicians with intriguing performances.

On the 9th of May, a brilliant Swiss recorder player, Anne Gillot, is coming to Amsterdam to perform three pieces:
Gesti, one of the most important pieces in the repertoire of the avant-garde recorder, written by Luciano Berio,
Charavgi by Calliope Tsoupaki and
Ötté-kjetté written by Jamilia Jazylbekova.

Berio could have called “Gesti” a “Sequenza”; the approach is the same. The work calls for (almost literally) breathtaking virtuosity – fingers, tongue and respiration must be skillfully coordinated. The instrumental sounds, combined over and over with the flutist’s voice, occasionally have a humorous effect, such as when the flute suggests a bird gone mad; in the final section, we hear that the instrument can sing, as well.
"I identify with the sea", Calliope Tsoupaki told a Dutch newspaper. In the same interview, the Greek-Dutch composer tells journalist Frederike Berntsen that her first memories of the sea date back to her baby years. Tsoupaki saw the light of day in Piraeus, the port of Athens. The former composition student of Louis Andriessen has lived in the Netherlands for thirty years, but her work and personal life are dominated by her Greek identity. Calliope Tsoupaki makes music that has an atmosphere of timelessness. Her goal is to express the essence as simply and clearly as possible. In her compositions she uses elements of ancient and contemporary music as well as music from Greece and the Middle East. By combining these aspects, she skilfully creates a totally personal style.
Finally, the composer Jamilia Jazylbekova from Kazakhstan opens a story of breathe through one of the warmest recorders of the family: the tenor flute.

Come to experience our concert in a new, extraordinary way.

Let's pause, focus and escape for a moment from the outside rushing world!

The Playground, A Lab • Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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