Atlassian Conference in Northern Europe 2024 hosted by Trinidad Wiseman

Thursday 4. April at 09:00 - 17:00 EEST

Hilton Tallinn Park • F. R. Kreutzwaldi 23, 10147 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

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Atlassian in Northern Europe 2024 is a unique full-day event and a pivotal meeting point for Atlassian enthusiasts across Northern Europe. This annual gathering is not just about networking; it's a deep dive into the world of teamwork and collaboration, illuminated by Atlassian products and partner tools. The event features a rich array of sessions, including inspiring customer success stories and insightful expert presentations, all focused on helping you extract the maximum potential from Jira and Confluence in the realm of IT Service Management (ITSM) 🚀.

Attendees will have the opportunity to absorb firsthand knowledge from Atlassian experts and partners, engage with a community of like-minded individuals, and draw inspiration on how to enhance their usage of Atlassian's powerful suite of tools 🤝. This event is specifically designed to inspire new ideas, foster innovative solutions, and reveal how to fully leverage the capabilities of Atlassian products in your work environment.

In the scheduled breaks, attendees will have the chance to converse with Atlassian experts, ready to address questions and offer insights on their products and services.

Additional Information:

  • The event will be photographed and video recorded for sharing on social media 📸🎥.
  • This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in maximizing their use of Atlassian tools and learning more about the latest trends and best practices in team collaboration and project management 🌐.
  • The conference is in English.
  • Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to someone else using the link in the order confirmation email.

Prepare to be inspired and learn how to unlock the full potential of your Atlassian tools at Atlassian conference in Northern Europe 2024!

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Info eesti keeles:
Atlassian Põhja-Euroopas 2024 on ainulaadne terve päeva kestev sündmus ja oluline kohtumispaik Atlassian’i entusiastidele üle kogu Põhja-Euroopa.
See on iga-aastane kogunemine, kus on võimalik leida uusi kontakte ja arendada meeskonna tööd efektiivsemaks, hõlmates sealjuures just Atlassian’i tooteid ja partnerite tööriistu.
Üritus pakub mitmekesist ülevaadet nii klientide edulugude kui ka spetsialistide esitluste näol, mis kõik aitavad rohkem sügavuti mõista ja ära kasutada Jira ja Confluence’i võimalusi IT teenuste halduse (ITSM) valdkonnas.

Hilton Tallinn Park • F. R. Kreutzwaldi 23, 10147 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

Google Map of F. R. Kreutzwaldi 23, 10147 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia

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