Ascend Group mentoring session for founders and leaders, online, 4 people

Wednesday 24. April at 10:00 - 12:15 EEST


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Join to gain:

  • Insights on your challenges' root causes and solutions on the personal level,
  • Ideas how to lead the company in better harmony with yourself.

How it works:

  • We meet for a 2,2h group session online,
  • Up to 4 company/team leaders from 4 different companies (founders, C-level),
  • Together with leaders self-discovery guide Farhad Niyoz,
  • We discuss the group participant's goals and challenges and together search for root causes and appropriate solutions for each participant.

Farhad is very good at getting to the root of the problem with his direct questions and comments. - Michael Henriksen, Wavepiston CEO, Denmark

Farhad's experience and insight were very helpful for us in our growth trajectory. He is incredibly generous as a mentor. - Julia Gifford, Truesix CEO, Latvia

About Farhad

Founders' and leaders' inner growth mentor, Cocoon CEO

🌓 I see beyond the surface level so You can succeed aligned with your authentic Self
⭐ Connect with your truth & inner power
đŸȘ· Self-discovery guide

  • 4+ years mentoring founders and leaders,
  • 10+ years experience in psychology and self-development,
  • 20+ years experience in entrepreneurship and leadership of B2B (corporates and government client sector) and B2C (>1m users) companies.

About Cocoon

Cocoon helps leaders become more authentic and achieve better personal and business results. Our clients are founders and leaders from various companies in Europe.


€ 100 + VAT


If you actively participate (share your goals and support other participants) and would feel you didn't gain value, we'll refund 100%.

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