You’re invited on a journey into Bellman's world through his musty music and exciting language!

Through the elemental force found in his poetry, we get a glimpse into his time, which after all is surprisingly similar to our own. This praise to the Swedish language appeals to a modern audience, without forgetting the profound undertones that underlie much of Bellman's poetry.

Premiere 25.6.2024 in Lovisa | Language: Swedish
The performance is a collaboration between Klockriketeatern and Skärgårdsteatern.
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25.6 Lovisa
27.6 Lill-Pellinge
28.6 Spjutsund
1.7 Bromarv
2.7 Söderlångvik
4.7 Nagu
6.7 Korpo
9.7 Iniö
11.7 Lappo
13.7 Mariehamn
16.7 Föglö
18.7 Kökar
20.7 Utö
22.7 Nötö
24.7 Högsåra
26.7 Hitis
27.7 Barösund
29.7 Porkala

Skärgårdsteatern • Havsborg, Nötö • Pargas, Finland

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