Simplifying and mastering anterior composite restaurations

Saturday 25. May at 09:00 - 17:00

Doors open at 08:45

Meerhof Education Center • Pirita tee 20a/2-2, 10127 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

We invite you to a unique practical course by Dr. Algimantė Lošytė-Jančė:
Simplifying and mastering anterior composite restaurations
Number of seats only 12!
Price: 395+KM, price includes coffee break, lunch, and practical materials.
Date: 25.05.2024
Time: 9:00-17:00

The theoretical-practical seminar is intended for doctors, for dentists who are already specialized or just want to start working in the aesthetic dental area.
This course covers the knowledge, skills and methods required for effective treatment, which the lecturer applies in her daily practice.

The theoretical part of the seminar will discuss:
• To do or not to do? Should the patient's wishes always be obeyed?
• Examination of the patient, selection of the treatment plan.
• Color. How does the patient and the doctor see it? Color evaluation and selection, case studies.
• Form. How to individualize the shape of the teeth according to the patient?
• Assessment of the patient's facial features when choosing the shape and length of the teeth.
• Symmetry. Are we all perfect? Creating symmetry by sealing front teeth.
• Supervision. How often do we want to see our patients? Training the patient to care for the aesthetic filling.
• Sealing of the front tooth using the "box" method.
• Restoration of the palatal wall, restoration of the contact surfaces and restoration of the biting edge by creating a "box".
• Restoration of mamelons, clear border and enamel layer.

During the practical part of the course:
• Assessment of anterior tooth defect: selection of filling technique.
• Composite color selection. Reconstruction of a front tooth defect according to a silicone guide.
• Reconstruction of the palatal wall of an anterior tooth using a silicone guide and transparent composite.
• Formation of contact surfaces.
• Shaping the biting edge and choosing the color of the composite. Mamelons and transparent border formation.
• Final selection and sealing of the front tooth layer.
• Tooth polishing.

Event will take place in Meerhof Education Center - address: Pirita tee 20a-2, Tallinn, Estonia

Events language is ENGLISH

Organizer contact: [email protected], tel +372 5597 0068

Limited amount of seats!

Meerhof Education Center • Pirita tee 20a/2-2, 10127 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

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