Aleksandr Popov & Ann Vaida Standup: Works in Progress

Winkel • Suur-Karja 8, 10140 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

Aleksandr Popov and Ann Vaida are adding final punches to their standup hours and getting ready to take their shows on the road. In order to have all their material packed as neatly as possible, they need your help! You get a comedy show, they get feedback and might rewrite a few things after this.

On stage:
Aleksandr Popov is a standup comedian who also dabbles as a high-school teacher and college professor teaching theory of argumentation, and law. He is also a columnist for Postimees, a blogger, a podcaster and a bouncer running his own security company.

Ann Vaida has changed her high-stakes work in the backrooms of politics and PR to the even higher-stakes work of making other people laugh. She has toured three solo hours in Estonia, written for newspapers and TV, and runs a political podcast.

The show lasts for roughly 1 hour without a break.

Its a work in progress show. What does this mean?
Comedians try and test their jokes out in different settings before they are fully ready to be told to audiences across the world in a full hour format. This means the ticket price for you is a cheaper and the comedians might look at their notes a few times or fumble a joke or two. Its a great way to experience comedy in the making.

What will pre-booking get me?
When you you tell us you plan on coming, you will get a better seat. People with a prebooking are guaranteed entry before others. This helps us plan the room accordingly and sure everything is as nice and comfortable as possible. Prebookings are valid until 10 minutes before the show, after this everyone can grab a seat. You can buy tickets at the door for 5€.



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Winkel • Suur-Karja 8, 10140 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

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