Al and his Braw Lamp

Wednesday 13. March at 19:00 - 21:00

Church Hill Theatre • Scotland, United Kingdom

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SOUTH MORNINGSIDE STAGE CLUB returns for another year with another INCREDIBLE SHOW. Al and His Braw Lamp will take to the stage in March 2024.
Previously performed in 2016, this revamped, restyled and reimaged version is ready to burst out its own lamp and make some magic!

Meet Al - he's a proper nice we laddie. Just ask his mum Annie!
Al finds his life turned upside down when he is forced into the vaults of Edinburgh, but in return meets the Genie.
Whatever will happen... we know you all know
With Jasmine looking for any excuse not to marry the next prince the Sultan and Sultana have lined up, maybe paths will cross and maybe things will work out in the end?
But it's a Stage Club show after all so expect some twists and turns!

CAST A: Wednesday 13th (7pm) and Friday 15th (7pm) March 2024
CAST B: Thursday 14th (7pm) and Saturday 16th (2pm) March 2024

This reworked production makes it's WORLD PREMIERE in 2024 and will follow in the footsteps of previous SELL OUT SHOWS:

2023: Carly and the Chocolate Factory
2022: Ollie T
2021: Treasure Island
2020: The Lion, The Witch & The Walk In Wardrobe
2019: Annie
2018: Peter fae the Pans
2017: Frozen
2016: Al and his Braw Lamp
2015: The Pure Wicked Wizard of Ed
2014: A Modern Fairytale
2014: Treasure Island
2013: Stage Club does Shakespeare
2012: A Modern Fairytale

Please do not leave single seats in the middle of rows when booking your reserved seating. If needed, we shall edit your allocated seats and email to confirm.

Church Hill Theatre • Scotland, United Kingdom

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