Adaptation training - Education in Estonia

Sunday 3. December 2023 at 12:00 - 16:00 EEST


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In education-related training, we get to know the Estonian education system, from early childhood education (child care and kindergartens), to primary, secondary, and higher education. We deal with topics related to youth work and interest education, various vocational education opportunities, and adult education.

Let's see together what are:

  • the options for further education after elementary school or high school,
  • what are the options to prove your level of education in Estonia (Estonian ENIC/NARIC Center),
    -how to enroll a child in kindergarten and school? What to do if higher education was started in Ukraine?
  • how to reimbursement for child care expenses
  • ect.

We answer participants' questions and help find solutions to support participants to take part in the possibilities of the Estonian education system.

We welcome people with a refugee background to participate. The training is held in Russian and is free for participants.

The event is hosted by the Estonian Refugee Council

Eesti Pagulasabi

+ 372 53711770