Learn how to make customers return and employees stay

Friday 23. August at 13:00 - 15:00

Tallinn, location to be announced

Tired of seeing customers walk away because of disinterested sales staff and unwelcoming environments?

Join our dynamic 2-hour session for ideas to transform dull interactions into magical experiences.

What we offer is more than the prospect of boosting sales. It’s about revitalizing your sense of purpose and creating those unforgettable moments for your clients and employees.

These moments are there, hidden under a routined meaninglessness. We’ll show you how to find and nurture them.
You’ll discover the opportunity to create memorable moments which make customers want to return and employees want to stay.

Who is it for:
Business managers and owners feeling the pain of unexploited sales potential (due to unmotivated sales force?)

What we'll be doing:
A 2-hour workshop, full of stories, inspiration, conversations and brainstorming

Who will guide the workshop:
Thomas is an experienced entrepreneur, turned to training and coaching executives and management teams to narrow those gaps between what they think, what is said and what is understood. He is five questions deep where it matters: at the cross roads of Communication, Teams, Leadership & Mind-fulness

How it will improve your life:
You will get creative ideas about how to revitalise the customer experience in your business, revamping human interactions, improving customer service, creating a positive environment that attracts clients and employees.

Pro tip:
Bring your best and most motivated employees with you!
It will make it easier for you to brainstorm on your business and later implement those ideas.

You’ll leave the workshop with your creative juices triggered, with a renewed sense of hope to elevate every customer experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to envision your business to grow from mundane to magical!

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