Training: [Un]Know - How to build radically better products?

Mon 25. March 2019 at 17:30 - 20:30

Lift99 · Telliskivi 60A, Tallinn, Estonia

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When building products, we all know, that the better they are, the more people will see value in them and hence our business will grow. THE KEY to better products is to REALLY UNDERSTAND our users and customers. The problem is, that there are 4 deep thought patterns hidden inside our heads that limit our potential to do that enormously.

UnKnow is a revolutionary training that triggers and reprograms these sub-conscious patterns, so you could build your products like never before.

What mindset?
Design thinking is a super powerful method to build innovative services and products – the kind that truly solve our user’s painful problems. In order to really benefit from Design Thinking method we need to overcome the biggest challenge - changing our core habits and thought patterns - to change the mindset.

UnKnow tackles these 4 core challenges in our heads:
› It is really hard to TRULY UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMERS, so we tend to skip it
› It is really easy to FALL INTO ASSUMPTIONS and miss out the real truth
› It is very common to FALL IN LOVE WITH OUR IDEAS and miss out better ones
› It is super hard to “FAIL FAST, LEARN FAST”, so we polish our “perfect solution”

Over 200 players have already played:
“We played UnKnow with our company's strategy team and the effect was astonishing, immediate and irreversible. It pointed out many important thought patterns we often fall victim to and pushed us to act outside our traditional ways of doing things. These revelations followed me in my mind throughout the next week. It was easy afterwards for the whole team to notice these same patters when we went back to working with our company's strategy.”
Marko Sverdlik - CEO of Proekspert

What happens in the game?
In each UnKnow game session there is a mystery character with a story and a problem that needs to be solved as fast as possible. Your task is to figure out, what the problem is and pitch the solution to the gamemaster. All participants will split to teams of 4 and start competing with other teams towards a glorious victory.

Why a game?
It’s simple. When we play, we are much more engaged because we are having fun and way more than just passively listening. When we are more engaged, we learn more. Period.

Vaiko Hansson is a business mentor, service designer and public speaker. He works with company leaders to help them transform their business and build a strategy using design thinking and self-growth mindset techniques. He has worked with companies like Proekspert, Pipedrive, Harju Elekter and Skype.

You have already played? No problem, we have a new scenario:
In this event we are playing a brand new scenario with character Andrew. So if you have played before, you are most welcome to join again.

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