TalTech Virtual Run 2020

Fri 29. May - Tue 2. June 2020


Online ticket sales has ended.

The competition is open from May 29 to June 2

The race must cover a distance of 5 or 10 km on a day that suits you. Alone or with a friend following all the established moving rules.
Everyone interested is welcome to participate! The distance can be covered both by running and by walking.
All those who have completed the distance will be sent home an award, which is a TalTech virtual race shirt and a medal.

In addition, various prizes will be drawn among all registrants.

After completing the race, an image must be sent from either a sports watch or a motion tracking application (eg Endomondo). No later than June 3, 23:59, pictures sent later will no longer be accepted.
The image must include the date, time, distance traveled and time traveled. The image must be sent to us via the Google form https://forms.gle/yvFcn2jAbgJ6qHji7

To register, buy a ticket from the fienta environment, registering before May 22, the ticket is 3 € later, 5 €
The correct shirt size is guaranteed by earlier registration.



Sken Selge

E-mail: sken.selge@tipikas.ee