Whizz, whirr, bang, clang! (Finnish)

Viirus, Helsinki

A performance spiced with salt, pepper and a pinch of empathy
Sylvia Plath’s inventive and imaginary children’s stories come to life in a curious performance. The audience is invited to participate and immerse themselves in a world where the bed becomes an elephant, and an eggbeater takes charge of ironing.

Whizz, whirr, bang, clang! takes the audience on a journey through imagination, sensation and sharing – traveling between possible realities.

What does it mean to be seen and to be understood? Are things what they seem to be? And how can our imagination change them, define them, redefine them?

Whizz, whirr, bang, clang! Is a performance that offers the idea of new possible worlds, alternative realities that are shaped through imagination and by redefining the given circumstances.

Viirus theatre