War and Piss with the Loving Memory of Hans Rosling

Viirus, Helsinki

Happy fact #235: The Loving Memory of Hans Rosling is back!

The countdown clock to our mutual and unbeneficial destruction is ticking. Whether it is nuclear annihilation or tipping points of climate change, mass migration or economic collapse: THE END IS NIGH!

Or? Is it?


Much has happened in our world since the passing of the beloved educator Hans Rosling. Considering everything, it feels a lot has happened even since the premiere of The Loving Memory of Hans Rosling in spring 2021!

The question is whether there is room for his optimism anymore. Can it be, that humanity is still moving towards better times?

As Hans Rosling is not with us anymore to deliver the message of a better world, it is up to his living memory to do it! Oskar Pöysti’s solo performance stimulates to critical thinking in an inspiring and entertaining way.

Viirus theatre