Straight acting = A homosexual man whose behavior and habitus correspond to the traditional stereotype of a straight man. The term can be applied to gay men who display traditional masculinity out of their own inclination, as well as those who perform it for other reasons, such as to fit into the norm. Questionable as a term.

Straight Acting is actor Anssi Niemi’s brash solo performance about internalized homophobia and fulfilling the image of a convincing male actor. It’s about credibility, the tension between the stage and sexuality, and the relationship between identity and role.

Is a role in a Viking series the fulfillment of a male actor’s career? Does a mental image of a rat help to fix the lack of experience of pussy? Does one have to grow ass hair for a straight role?

Straight Acting is a comedy that might make you cry.
Like Stones in His Pocket, with a fag bait.

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