Viirus GUEST: Avian Electronics | Still Life

Teater Viirus, Helsinki

Ville Aalto: Avian Electronics | Still Life

Empty natural soundscapes

Avian Electronics | Still Life is a solo concert by sound artist Ville Aalto. The concert features minimalist electronic music and synthetic, lifeless imitations of natural sounds.

During the ongoing sixth mass extinction the songs of birds are truncated and the stridulation of insects thins out as our sound environments deteriorate. The reckless use of natural resources has vastly improved our living conditions, but when we seek an antidote to our noisy urban living environment, we notice that our surroundings have transformed from quiet and serene to silent and dead.

Avian Electronics | Still Life is a study of silence, the absence of movement and sound, a dwindling ecosystem.

The week before the concert there is a 16-channel surround sound installation on display in the space.

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