Ray Foil efoil training session ( I Land Sound) 19.07

Illiku laid, Saaremaa

Dive into the thrill of eFoiling with our Ray Foils !
Come with friends, family or alone and feel what it's like to surf on smooth water and fly above the water!

Get ready to:
🌊 Test the Ray: Experience eFoiling with our little Rays.
🏄 Professional Training: Whether you’re starting out or enhancing your skills, our team is here to coach you.

🧥 Wetsuits Available: Don’t have a wetsuit? No worries, we have some you can borrow!
🍽 What to Bring: Swimwear, a towel, and if you have one, your favorite wetsuit

Friend package: up to 4 people 1h - 120€, 1 foil
Single session: 1 person 20 min - 50€, 1 foil

We strive to give everyone an opportunity to try it out.