into the emptiness

ZenZi, Vienna

"into the emptiness" is a weekly practice for everyone who would like to dive into their inner landscape through Authentic Movement*.

"Janet (Adler) refers to “stepping into the emptiness” as an embodied act of entering this infinite field of potentiality, a mystery, a field encompassing that which is not yet known.”
From "Intimacy in Emptiness" Janet Adler; Bonnie Morrissey; Paula Sager


"into the emptiness" is an invitation to experience Authentic Movement as a regular group practice. Although this is a drop-in event, I invite you to commit to continuity.

2 hours/ week: WARM-UP (20 min) + CIRCLE (90 min) + CHECK-OUT (10 min)

Tuesdays 19:40 - 21:40 from October 2023 to June 2024
ZenZi: Zieglergasse 29/2. Innenhof, 1070 Wien

drop-in: 35,00€
1 month: 100,00€
1 trimester: 220,00€
October 2023 to June 2024: 432,00€ (or 9 x 60,00€)

For participants in "move from within": 5,00€

If you'd like to participate and the price is not affordable at this point, please contact me directly.

  • This event is meant for people who have experience with Authentic Movement!
    If this is not your case, you can attend move from within or book a 1:1 session with me.

Ana Bernardes