We believe we can be so happy on earth, that we do not realise that we are on our way to heaven.

The Bra (Good) family lives a fantastic life. The problems of the world do not reach their bunker deep underground. Here they can live in peace. There is no room for conflict and quarrel in the bunker!

Familjen Bra is a utopian story where everything is perfect on the surface. Or a dystopia where everything is about to shatter

Joakim Pirinen’s play is unique in its style. With reckless humor and absurd everyday situations, he paints a thought-provoking parody of the perfect life. The scenes are filled with tension, despite Familjen Bra being perhaps the only play in the world that does not have a single written conflict in it.

But unlike us everything is perfect for the Bra family.

Viirus theatre