English Speaking Practice - English Club in Tallinn

Ragu Kohvik, Tallinn

Every Saturday at 14:00 we meet in Tallinn to actively practise English and meet new people.

English Club in Tallinn is a weekly gathering where all participants spend 105 minutes speaking, talking, chatting, discussing, debating, laughing, and enjoying hot and cold drinks. The session is organised in 10-15-min rounds, in every round you have a new partner and a new task: answer a question, play a board game, debate an issue, make a story, brainstorm solutions to a problem, etc.


🔹 8 euros for those who have registered, cash/card on the spot. Please register here https://kalitalanguagestudio.com/uritused ).
🔹 10 euros for non-registered participants cash/card on the spot.

🇺🇦 If you are a war refugee and do not consider payment possible right now, it is free for you.

Place: "Ragu Kohvik" Liivalaia 27, Tallinn.

Kalita Language Studio OÜ