Dude, Where is My Karma? • Stand up Comedy in English

Dude, Where is My Karma?

The global journey of a not so spiritual Dutch dude.

Join Fedor on his laughter-filled, insane journey across the globe. With a combination of sharp wit and other foolishness, he shares his experience from living, working and failing abroad. A fun packed hour where the exotic becomes recognizable.

Fedor Ikelaar is a born and raised Dutchie, who always felt a bit out of place in the Netherlands. After years of moving from one country to another he finally ended up in Nepal...where he felt even more out of place. Surrounded by spiritual Nepalese, occasional opium dealers, forgotten hippies and millennials trying to find themselves, he lost himself more and more but remained captivated by the madness of it all.

Stand-up comedy turned out to be the best outlet for this constant cultural amazement. For the past years he has been performing across the globe from Cape Town to Calcutta. Stitching together his world-traveled experience, from growing up in both the Netherlands and France to traveling the world and ending up high in the Himalayas. With his unique perspective he manages to make his fumbling abroad in exotic places highly relatable and enjoyable.

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