Dicey - Online! at Brighton Fringe (14.6)

Dicey-Online is a live, online, one-man cabaret show directed by chance.

Cut the repertoire and fresh ideas of multidisciplinary artist Dan le Man into 18 parts. Jumble them all up. Then stick them back together in an order that is directed by the drawing of lottery balls! The show ends when the STOP ball is drawn.

Welcome to Dicey, a one-man, online cabaret show that is fresh, new and different every time it’s played.

Every show is a premiere.


”...fun and frivolity far more entertaining than just another night of Netflix!”
– Andrew, Australia

”...Dicey was so great at randomizing funny surprises and cute guests, we almost started to suspect the whole thing was royally rigged…”
– Kaisa, Estonia

”…a remarkable feast for the senses…”
– Alicia and Adam, USA

18+, English
5 to 100 mins
Audience has text chat function
1080HD, stage quality sound

Inspired by the book, ”The Diceman” by Luke Reinhardt

For best quality, cast to your home entertainment system

Theatre is momentary, this performance will not be recorded, published or available afterwards.


Ticket, 10£ (1 ticket, 1 device)
Stream instructions provided with ticket confirmation via email





E-mail: info@heldeke.ee