The Clitoris Act

Proudly presented by the Tallinn Fringe Festival.

Genre: Standup
Language: English
Duration: 60min
Tickets: starting from 10€
(On the door: 15€ / 12€ students)

Women - what’s the actual deal with them? And where do their loud opinions come from these days anyways?

Mari Volar (EST) and Anshita Koul (IND) - also know as the founders of Clit Comedy Club - will look at all things women in their theatrical comedy show “The Clitoris Act or 2 cis 30-somethings and their obnoxious views about the perils of patriarchy”

Prepare to be entertained, surprised, lectured and shocked - all in under an hour!

Women, bodies, dating, intimacy, weight, beauty and societal expectations - nothing is off limits in this 2-women theatrical comedy show.


Anshita Koul is a software engineer turned comedian, tour guide, and video content creator from India. Her arch nemesis is patriarchy and she has been fighting it mentally, physically and emotionally since she was 8 years old. 35, Indian, married, standup comedian, does not want kids – Anshita is the poster child of everything Patriarchs hate.

Her hobbies include writing, collecting postcards, and talking about herself in third person. Anshita currently resides in Berlin, Germany, where she uplifts her global audience both on- and offline and is the co creator of Clit Comedy Club.

Anshita made it to the 'One to Watch' list at Funny Women Awards 2021 and was one of the top 20 comics out of 300+ who participated.

Her last solo show performance in Brussels, got her into the Belgian press -

Find more about her at but Instagram is where she can be really found @anshitakoul ! “Little Too Much” is in the Tallinn Fringe program on August 19th!

Mari Volar is an Estonian comedian, comedy producer and musician. Having been kicked out of her pretty and introverted homeland for being too opinionated, unattractive and loud, she now resides in Cologne, Germany and gets into all sorts of trouble as the creator and MC of Clit Comedy Club.

Mari is frequently seen performing in cities across Germany (Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin to name a few), but her comedic timing and charm have also received praise in places like Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Prague. Her witty remarks and tales of immigrant living will make you love, hate and pity her in perfectly equal amounts.

Mari proudly brings more feminism into her comedy and more comedy into her feminism, creating a over-the-top mix in both that simply cannot be missed. She’s a basic white girl on Instagram @marivolar and all Clit Comedy related shows can be found on