This is an improv theater class for beginners so no experience is required.
The focus is on learning improv in a fun and low pressure way.
Everything is in English and we have improvisers from all over the world 🙂.

The classes will be weekly so this is your chance to really develop your skills in improv theater.


To come to the event you must first buy a ticket for 15 PLN to cover the cost of the room, spaces are limited to 15 people to keep the size of the group manageable.

How to get here:
Class will be in the Sale Taneczne room called Sala Śliwkowa.
-First go inside Atlas Tower, this is the tallest building in the area
(address al. Jerozolimskie 123A 02-017 Warszawa)
-The Sale Taneczne rooms are on one of the upper floors (probably 4th or 5th).
WhatsApp group:
In case you need help you can join our WhatsApp group

Magnus Brantheim