Baroque Fools

Суббота 1. апреля 2023, 19:00

Дом Черноголовых, Белый зал • Pikk 26, 10133 Tallinn, Harju, Эстония

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"Your back is white!" – if that's all you can remember about April 1st, now is the chance to expand the boundaries of this date. In many ancient cultures, the new year began on April 1st. After the calendar reform of Pope Gregory XIII, there was plenty of confusion. How many opportunities for friendly banter and this has not diminished even today. However, musicians and good humour are inseparable, so the Tallinn Baroque Orchestra's program immediately became particularly rich. The orchestra and its music director Andrew Lawrence-King are guided by historical performance practice, therefore it is expected that the latter has tied the La Folia's of many beloved composers into one bundle and lined it with lesser-known but exceptionally cheerful works. All so that, despite the cloudy sky, we could continue our journey briskly.

Music from Italy and Spain, France and Portugal.
Composers from Corelli to really "new" names whose meaning only reaches us at a concert.

Tallinn Baroque Orchestra, music director Andrew Lawrence-King and special guests

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Дом Черноголовых, Белый зал • Pikk 26, 10133 Tallinn, Harju, Эстония

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