Orka in soLua singing circle and a workshop

Domingo 25. setembro às 16:00 - 20:30

the workshop will be in the 26 from 16:00 to 21:00

SoLua • https://maps.app.goo.gl/iY5ynVwvxEikZjpb6, Portugal

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Solua is happy to host this special visit of Orka
we will enjoy a singing circle in the 25.9 and a deep vocal journey in the 26/9.

Orka is known for her unique work in singing circles. While the music plays through her and the circle, everybody is invited to join in and generously share their voices with the deep calling of devotion to the moment, the circle, and the spirit.
This is a unique experience and opportunity to meet yourself and the tribe in a circle with Orka, and it's our privilege to be part of Orka's European tour.
The songs shared come from Central America, the Jewish culture, the Rainbow culture, and new songs by Orka.

On the eve of the first day in the Jewish calendar, we will meet in SoLua, to celebrate together, connect and open up.
You are welcome to join!

the workshop will be a very Powerful Heart Gift for anyone who wants to deepen the connection and the bond

A vocal journey combines poetry and ritual elements.

Orka has years of experience in sharing deep vocal journeys with men and women around the world.
This vocal workshop is an invitation to meet ourselves while we open up our voices and meet with other voices inside and around us. How much do we allow ourselves to meet them, do the inner work, and enable Healing to take place?
This inner journey happens in a safe, sacred space, containing, loving, and seeing deep within, together with a quality group of supportive people. Through song singing, playful games, and improvisation, we will observe and get in contact with the delicate singing bird of our voice.
It is a journey of deep connection to our inner singing world, finding our inner voice, and interweaving our voices in an awakened and generative circle of men and women.
In this workshop, we combine elements from the classical vocal training world, the holistic world, the improvisation, presentation and sharing worlds.
You are welcome to join us in this unique journey, allow your voice to be expressed, and become who you truly are…!

Limited places....

price of the tickets: online -30 euro
on the door 35 euro.
the workshop - 60 euro
The singing circle with the deep journey (limited tickets) - 80 euro.

A few practical things from SoLua -

We are happy to welcome you and your family and remind you that kids under 14 years old have a free entrance! There is, however, no kid's space or children's care, so be responsible for your own and help others! Dogs are not allowed, and we advise you not to leave them in the car/vans.

The pin address (down below) only takes you to the main road. Afterward, take the dirt road on your right and continue driving, be on the lookout and follow the hearts ❤️. You will see parking where you should park your van; there is a car parking further ahead with a sign, but please be mindful that there are limited spots in our sacred land... so if you can drive with a friend!

We recommend you take a cool bottle of drinking water, a comfortable pillow or blanket to sit on during the show, and something warm for the Alentejo evening...

And last but not least... we will serve an apple and honey and more surprises in the ceremony.
And we are serving a delicious dinner which will not be included in the ticket price, so please bring cash, we have water and much love to share also, so come prepared and open your heart.

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SoLua • https://maps.app.goo.gl/iY5ynVwvxEikZjpb6, Portugal

Google Map of https://maps.app.goo.gl/iY5ynVwvxEikZjpb6, Portugal

SoLua- enabling space for transformation.