WORKSHOP Indrek Kornel - How do I perceive myself and space?

Sat 21. November 2020 at 15:00 - 17:00

Kaja Cultural Centre · E. Vilde tee 118, 12914 Tallinn, Estonia

The workshop is inspired by the "passing through" system of movement composition created by David Zambrano. In the workshop, we move individually in the room, remaining in contact with other participants and the environment.

At first we learn to notice our own body, then we learn to perceive space. The workshop uses a variety of exercises to develop the participants' sense of the body. How are we situated in the room? How are our limbs situated in space? Is my gaze active? If I'm told to STOP, do I stop immediately?

We notice how we move in space and how individual decisions change the way the whole group works.

We start the group movement with walking, alternating it with running. We try to find a common perception where there is no leader in the group - all decisions to stop or move are made collectively.

The participant learns to connect better with the surrounding environment by being present in the moment and making spontaneous decisions while moving in a group.

Sat, 21.11 at 3pm - 5pm
All levels
Price: 20/27 €

Indrek Kornel is a choreographer, director and movement teacher. He currently works as a freelance Pilates, CoreAlign, Gyrotonic® teacher. He has taught these styles both in Estonia and in Brussels.

Since October 2020, he has been sharing his experiences at Tallinn University, teaching the courses Basics of Functional Training and Contemporary Dance III. Kornel has graduated from the Department of Choreography of Tallinn University with a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in choreography / directing. In addition, he has acquired applied higher education in the field of information technology systems.

Indrek Kornel is constantly improving himself in terms of movement. In 2019, he participated in a mentoring program led by Deborah Lessen in New York. He also completed a 60-day improvisation training in 2019 in Brussels under the guidance of David Zambrano. Kornel is interested in passing on quality mobility education. He wants to teach how to acquire the values and qualities necessary for everyday life through movement.

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The workshop is part of the 14th International Oriental Dance Festival. This is the largest Oriental dance event in Estonia with Oriental dance workshops, gala show, open-stage shows, a film screening and an Oriental bazaar. The event brings together dancers from every corner of Estonia, the neighbouring countries and beyond.

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Kaja Cultural Centre · E. Vilde tee 118, 12914 Tallinn, Estonia

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