Streetbackboys Universe

Fredag 19. april klokken 21:30 - Lørdag 20. april klokken 03:00

Trekanten • Pilestredet 24, 0165 Oslo, Oslo, Norge

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19 April
21:30 - 03:00
Project 005

🚀 Streetbackboys Universe 🚀

Wash away the chaos of existence with an immersive experience that takes you on a journey to a beautiful place. Leave the bleak world behind and step into a realm where the pounding beat of techno reigns supreme.

Room 01
Per Wärlander

Techno - Minimal - Peak Time - Psy

Head Booker Keran states, “The programming has been meticulously curated, starting gently and gradually building up to feature Kaufmann. We believe this lineup showcases the most talented local DJs we know. We're incredibly fortunate to have them all included.”

🙅‍♀️ Kaufmann

Our first encounter with Kaufmann was at Mitdir 2022. Since then, her career has skyrocketed, and we are incredibly lucky to have such good friends in Germany who have given us a discounted price. In the past year, she has doubled her fee and, among other gigs, will be performing at Distortion this year.

Style: Dark, minimal, and hypnotic techno, merged with the otherworldly intensity of psychedelia and rave.

Cool Gigs: Annually featured on the main stages of Fusion Festival, a celebrated event in her home country. Will be performing at Distortion this year.

Labels: Kaufmann's alchemical approach to music production and her unwavering dedication to cutting-edge techno have led to her signing with Stil Vor Talent, Senso Sounds, and Alula Tunes. Her affiliations extend across the families of Dazed State, Subios Records, Rebellion der Träumer, and Einmusika.

💁‍♀️ Negin

She has been one of the most frequent performers at SBB. Why? Because she is incredibly talented, and we can always trust her to give her best and consistently deliver remarkable performances. She is a rising talent that we deeply believe in, not to mention a good friend.

Music and dance have been a part of Negin's life since she was a little girl. When she discovered her passion for mixing, the journey began, and exploration could commence.

Style: Is deep and she loves to experiment with basslines. Her sound can be characterized as «flowy», flirtatious and mischievous. She brings a warm energy to the atmosphere.

🙅‍♂️ Saul Sanchez

A true legend in the game. He is every promoter's dream. Able to pick and choose who he wants to play for. A ray of sunshine and ultra-professional, it will be exciting to see what he comes up with this time.

Born and raised in Guanajuato, México, has been living for the past years in Oslo, Norway. Having spent most of his childhood in the mountain hills of the Mexican "bajío" with his indigenous ancestors brought big influence to his life. Pre-hispanic, folkloric, Latin-American, tribal and shamanic sounds conform an essential part of his musical exploration. This is for him, a way to keep his roots alive.

Style: introduces complex sets, giving as result a multi-cultural sounds journey which appears to transport you to ancient rituals, always by the hand, naturally, of powerful and hypnotic basslines.

💁‍♂️ Per Wärlander

Per Wärlander has had an extraordinary career and stands as the pinnacle attraction of Streetbackboys. It's challenging to capture what sets him apart, but Per possesses an undeniable magnetic X-factor. As Joseph Disco aptly puts it, "When Per takes the stage, the entire room's ambiance undergoes a transformative shift. You can feel it.

Style: Psy/Minimal and a lot of energy. He works tirelessly in his studio and is the hardest-working DJ in terms of sets that we know of.


🪐 Safe Space (Read) 🪐

Community equals safety.
A place where unity, respect, and techno pulsate through the space. This year, we are more committed than ever to make the SBB Universe a haven of safety for everyone, regardless of who you are. This is our biggest priority - to ensure everyone can lose themselves in the music, visuals and the magic feelings created by the dance-floor.

If you experience or see anything that disrupts safety, please notify one of the staff members immediately. We operate with a one-strike policy and reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if necessary. Your cooperation in maintaining safe and respectful space for all is greatly appreciated.

Your ticket options are as follows:

🎫 Entry Before (22:00 - 22:30):
250 kroner + ticket fee

🎫 Entry Anytime
Ticket Release 1:
250 kroner + ticket fee

🎫 Ticket Release 2
350 kroner + ticket fee

🎫 Ticket Release 3
390 kroner + ticket fee

🎫 Group ticket(3 for 2 - arrive together)
500 kroner + ticket fee

The 'Entry Before 22:30 and 23:00' options are intended for those who plan to arrive early. If you arrive after the time limit specified on your ticket, you'll need to pay the difference in cost to the “Entry Anytime” ticket price. If you are unsure whether you can arrive within the specified time frame, you might want to consider purchasing one of the 'Entry Anytime' tickets.

🚀 Tickets are LIMITED!

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