ONLINE Soul Sisters Circle "Becoming"

Tirsdag 10. oktober 2023 klokken 16:45 - 18:15

Ostara Restaurant & Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

Online billettsalg er avsluttet.

The new season is UP!

It's time to have that kind of space again, where we meet as sisters, to meet ourselves(!) and check in on where we're at and come a little closer to where we want to be.

We sit in a sharing circle and share what needs to lighten off our chests and hearts, one by one. (on-clothes event, lol)

Welcome to a light-hearted circle, to come closer and deepen the relationship to: ourselves, and each other as sisters.

---- practicalities ----

There will be guidelines and tools to use for and under the share, so check your mail before you get there.

These are tools that you may, or may not, bring into your daily relations and interactions. To become more in the present moment.

In the mail provided, the theme will be thoroughly introduced, that Soul Sisters has, that one can rely on and use for inspiration for their share and unraveling of themselves.

Feedback from sisters:
IF you come with an intentional wish for feedback from sisters you may ask to do so. The feedback might not be the "right" answer for you, but it will most likely give you some form of nudge into the answer you already have in yourself.

For ENTRY, vipps 37kr to Emily Natalie Su, facilitator and organizer, 944 83 972. You can also pay by account transfer, just message me to get the details. AND reserve your space and get necessary info via ticket in Fienta(here). 

You are more than welcome to come regularly to the space. The circle will be held once a month. EDIT: since I'm moving to Paris, the last circles will be held online.

The dates for this season:
15. August
12. September "Remember"
<3 10. Oktober ONLINE "Becoming" <3
21. November ONLINE "VISION"
12. December ONLINE "Being"

You may reserve your spot for all three online for 101kr, pay once, and welcome you are to the three circles online, with me. we are expected to be less than a handful of people, so the space will be intimate and cozy, eso!

Time: 16:45-18:15, 1hr and 30min.
Location: Will be sent in the email.

Welcome into the intentional sister space, to unravel the mystery in you, together.

Always love sis!
Emily Natalie Su
Soul Sister

Ostara Restaurant & Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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