trippy experimental techno w// SNEIPEN

Torsdag 21. september klokken 22:30 - Fredag 22. september klokken 02:00

Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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The natural habitat of SNEIPEN is stomping his feet like cigarette to the beat on the dancefloor. Coming back to the Norwegian scene after digging through record shops in Berlin for a year, he is bringing new and old gems.

SNEIPEN likes his techno as his vinyls- groovy. Covering a spectrum from slow and driving dup to faster rolling basslines with intricate ryhthms. Balancing between trippy and minimal to mean and experimental soundscapes.

Organic wine 17-02
Green veggies 17-22
Vibrant beats 22:30-0200

/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ Venue space limited ----->
/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ Pre-bought ticket holders guaranteed space until 00:00
/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ CC: 90,- Thank you for supporting local bars & artists ♡
/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ We advise you to come early

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Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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