SBB & Friends (Indigo)

Lørdag 2. desember klokken 21:00 - Søndag 3. desember klokken 03:00

Ingensteds • Brenneriveien 9, Oslo, Norge

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-Indigo X SBB-

Per Wärlander
Joel Fredholm


Efdemin is a mainstay of techno's days and nights. Berliner by choice he holds a residency at Berghain and operates his label naïf. Calm, cool and collected, Efdemin’s music is infused by elegant darkness, discreet beauty and the complete lack of jittery. With LPs and 12-inches for Dial, Curle and Ostgut Ton, his remixes (e.g. Depeche Mode), his Pigon project together with RNDM or his drone and ambient pieces under his original name Phillip Sollmann for instance, Efdemin is equally at home in very different circles.

In the world of art as much as in the techno realm, and while moving from intelligent pop quotes into the universe of Sun Ra, he does the splits effortlessly and without overstretching it. A sonic thesaurus like his second album Chicago finds his place in Efdemin’s body of work as well as the stripped down funk of “Just A Track”, the urgency of “Acid Bells” or the straightforwardness of “Bergwein”. Going well along with all those gestures and desires is his own Label naïf. Accordingly named and vinyl only, it’s his outlet to release music from friends and allies that is close to his heart.


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Steffi does not do things by halves, and this unwavering commitment to growing and challenging
herself as a producer, DJ and label head has kept her at the forefront of contemporary dance music
since the mid 90s.

Born in the Netherlands, Steffi began playing records in her small home town in the mid 90s. In search of broader horizons for her creative expression (a common thread in her artistic journey),
Steffi moved to Amsterdam and established herself in the city with DJ residencies and her own underground parties. The diverse approach to sound that she cultivated during this period remains
fundamental to all aspects of her creative work today.

Resistant to conventional notions of career moves or self-promotion, it was her original vision and pursuit of new challenges that brought her to Berlin in the early 00s and to the city’s emblematic Berghain. As one of the club’s more adaptable residents, Steffi can be found in control of any one of the building’s celebrated dancefloors, transmitting her deep knowledge and appreciation for all forms of dance music. From broken beat, IDM, electro, classic house and Detroit techno to genre-breaking sounds from all eras – Steffi will play it as long as it’s funky and it grooves. Her experience and lasting enthusiasm for her craft have translated effortlessly to the international clubs and festivals – big and small – at which she has long been a staple, as well as to milestone mixes and compilations for Berghain/Panoramabar, fabric and Air Texture.

Roland Lifjell
Kim Young ill
Big Dick Bandido

-Bortenfor x Schmooze & Brus & Taffel-
Max Lok
DJ Stuk

Ingensteds • Brenneriveien 9, Oslo, Norge

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