oysters & techno w// VIBEKE BRUFF

Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

Whom would not like to dance delicious techno & eat deliquesces? We are continuing our special evenings where we serving oysters & bubbles with delicious techno by Vibeke Bruff!

.ꞈ.Vibeke Bruff has been a part of the growing club scene in the Norwegian capital for more than a decade. Playing frequently at legendary clubs like Jaeger, The Villa and Gudruns Singer, as well as, being the driving force behind the now defunct Norwegian duo No Dial Tone, she's already left a big mark in the electronic dance music. Check out her music here ---> https://soundcloud.com/vibeke-bruff

Oyster & Techno Menu(Φ ω Φ)
David Hevre Boudeuse Oysters Naturell // Tamari
(1) 45,-/ (3) 130,-/ (5) 220,-
Spontaneously yeasted Champagne 1600,-
Easy Bubbles 160,- / 650,-

Juicy Wines 17-02
Green Veggies 17-22
Delicious Techno 2230-0200

/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ Venue space limited ------>
/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ https://fienta.com/no/oystersvibeke
/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ CC: 90,-
/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ Guaranteed entrance before midnight.
/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ We advise you to come early
/ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ Thank you for supporting local bars & artists

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Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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